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Made with New Zealand native botanicals.

Introducing the amazing GOOD CUBE Conditioning Shampoo Bar

At last! A natural shampoo and conditioner that’s good for your hair, good for you and good for the planet. 

GOOD CUBE is a solid shampoo and conditioner bar that cleans and rejuvenates. And it’s a plant-based shampoo bar that’s suitable for coloured hair.

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New Zealand sea life will thank you! 33c from every 120g GOOD CUBE bar sold goes to Sustainable Coastlines to remove 1 litre of plastic from New Zealand beaches and coastlines.

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Enjoy cleaner, healthier hair

GOOD CUBE Conditioning Shampoo Bar is expertly formulated using only the highest quality, nature-inspired ingredients to cleanse, nourish and replenish your hair, leaving it healthier, shinier and energised.

Inspired by nature

GOOD CUBE uses only plant-based ingredients, free of synthetic and artificial additives, so it’s kind to your hair. Plus, it’s pH-balanced (unlike soap) making it’s gentle enough for daily use and suitable for coloured hair.

Reuse, reduce, recycle

Every GOOD CUBE Conditioning Shampoo Bar New Zealand folk buy prevents between 2 and 5 nasty plastic bottles polluting our environment. You can feel good about using GOOD CUBE knowing, even in a small way, you’re doing something that cares for our precious planet Earth.

Every 120g GOOD CUBE shampoo bar sold:

• Removes 4-5 plastic bottles from polluting our environment.

• Removes 1 litre of plastic from New Zealand coastlines.

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Nature Inspired

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Vegan Friendly

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Cruelty Free

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Excellent Value

Don’t just take our word for it…

“I tried the 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner (dry hair) and was so impressed. I don’t usually use 2 in 1’s as my hair needs conditioner but this worked great. It smells nice and i love the packaging” 

Pooja B - Sydney

“My hair has noticeably become less dry and frizzy. Additionally, I find that my hair has actually gotten thicker and stronger and  the shampoo bar makes my hair smell fantastic! I really like the use of natural ingredients and scents” 

Shereen - Auckland

“Wasn’t what I was expecting, my hair actually feels soft and not dried out, my hair also doesn’t appear to have frizzed so much and seems a lot smoother, will be interesting to see how my hair feels after another wash” 

Rachael - Auckland

Why choose GOOD CUBE?

There so many reasons to ditch your old shampoo and conditioner in that evil plastic bottle and make the switch to GOOD CUBE Conditioning Shampoo Bar. Here are our top incentives…

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What’s So Good About


Reduces waste! One bar saves 4 x 350ml plastic bottles.


Cleans up our beaches. Each bar funds the removal of 1 litre of plastic from our coastlines.


Our paper packaging is bleach-free, compostable and recyclable.


Saves money. Over 100 washes per 120g bar.


Longer lasting. GOOD CUBE last up to 2 x longer than other bars on the market.


Convenient. Can also be use used as a body wash.


pH adjusted at under pH 6.5.


100% soap free. Won’t strip your hair or leave it dry and brittle.


100% naturally derived, EWG approved ingredients.


Gentle on dyed hair.


Multi-purpose bar keeps your life and your bathroom clutter-free. Perfect for the serial multi-tasker.


Saves our precious water - over 1 litre per 120g bar.

No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate • No Synthetic Fragrances
No Animal Derivatives • No Harsh Chemicals • No Propylene Glycol
No Artificial Colours • No Triethanolamine • No EDTA • No Parabens
No Harsh Detergents • No Animal Testing • No Plastic


GOOD CUBE is brought to you by Good3. Good3 is founded on the basis of doing good.


Nature inspired, hand-batched with care and made with New Zealand botanicals.


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