Giving Back

Why shampoo bars?
Well at Good3 we can give you at least three reasons: Conditioning shampoo bars are good for your hair, your budget and they’re good for the oceans!
shampoo bars
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Giving back

Shampoo bars are helping the environment

Every concentrated GOOD CUBE bar replaces five 350ml plastic bottles. How? Because our shampoo bars condition as well as shampoo. GOOD CUBE are made with biodegradable ingredients and packaged in compostable materials, so our conditioning shampoo bars leave no trace (except, of course, for your clean, nourished and energised hair!).

Every 120g GOOD CUBE shampoo bar sold:

Prevents 4 plastic bottles from polluting our environment.

Funds the removal of 1 litre of plastic from our beaches and coastlines.

GOOD CUBE Partner with: 

Sustainable Coastlines – a non-profit organisation that exists to clean up New Zealand’s coastline for the benefit of our precious sea birds, marine life and the enjoyment of all New Zealanders. Why shampoo bars? Because for every 120g GOOD CUBE bar sold, 33c goes to Sustainable Coastlines to help remove 1 litre of plastic from NZ beaches and shorelines. And that’s very good.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


Total volume in litres of rubbish removed from the coast by our team since 2002.


Number of shipping containers filled with loose rubbish.


Total estimated number of pieces of junk collected.


The total number of volunteer hours coordinated.


Litres of rubbish removed from New Zealand coastlines since 2008.


The number of educational presentations given since 2008.

The dark side of plastic

40% of all plastic made is packaging.

Most of this is only used once and then thrown away.

We each ingest more than 40,000 pieces of microplastics every year.
80 billion plastic bottles are disposed of around the world every year from shampoo and conditioner use alone.
Only 9% of plastic worldwide is recycled.
8 million tonnes of plastic ends up in our oceans every year from landfill wash-off and improper disposal.
9/10 fish have ingested microplastics.

New Zealand’s shameful statistics

A whopping 295 million disposable cups (mostly lined with plastic) go to NZ landfills every year.
On average, each New Zealander uses 30kg of plastic packaging per year, including 242 plastic drink bottles.

Bottled shampoo and water usage

Bottled shampoos contain up to 80% water.
A combined 4.5 litres of water are used to make a 350ml plastic bottle of shampoo, including the ingredients.
GOOD CUBE is good for your hair, your budget, the oceans and the planet!

GOOD CUBE BAR vs Liquid Shampoo & Conditioner

all natural shampoo and conditioner bars



all natural plant based shampoo

*2 bottles shampoo + 2 bottles conditioner
= 1 litre of precious water

bars of shampoo and conditioner

*** $0.30c per hair wash/condition


bar shampoo and conditioner nz

$0.32c per hair wash + condition

sulphate free shampoo

Prevents 4 plastic bottles
from entering our oceans


bar of shampoo and conditioner

Plastic polluted oceans and coastlines

bar shampoo for colored hair

For every GOOD CUBE sold, 1 litre of plastics
is removed from our precious coastline


plastic free shampoo

Plastic polluted beaches and coastlines

sis free shampoos

GOOD CUBE composts in 90 days


sis free shampoo

Plastic bottle breaks down in 450 years

*Based on 100 Shampoo & Conditioning hair treatments for short to medium hair   **Based on a typical liquid shampoo or conditioner being above 70% water   *** Based on an RRP of NZ$30.00 for a 120g Good Cube Shampoo Conditioning bar and an RRP of NZ$32.00 for 2 x 350ml bottles of liquid shampoo + 2 x 350ml bottles of conditioner. 


litter removed (litres)


litter removed (kilograms)


trees planted alongside waterways


weeds removed (litres)


Education Presentation attendees


educational presentations


citizen scientists involved


official litter surveys and audits

figures are for impacts achieved from 1 january to 23 december 2019


Every GOOD CUBE prevents around 4 plastic bottles polluting our planet. Each bar lasts up to 16 times longer than liquid shampoo and conditioner.


Read about the plants in our all-natural conditioning shampoo bars. New Zealand nature inspired and hand batched with care, they are Sulfate and Paraben free.


Is it soap? No. Read other common questions about our conditioning shampoo bar. Want to know more? Simply contact the GOOD CUBE team.