Infographic Independent Washes Per Bar Report Dec 2020


It’s official! The squished plant power of a Good Cube shampoo bar lasts longer.

An independent investigation looked at how many washes per bar is obtained from a 120g Good Cube versus other leading competitior shampoo bar brands of a similar weight.

The results of this report show that a 120g Good Cube lasts for more than 117 washes. Other leading brands tested last for more than 64 washes.

That means Good Cube’s concentrated goodness lasts more than 50% longer than other leading brands on the market.

“We pack together as many high-quality active New Zealand ingredients as possible into our full-sized cubes to leave skin and hair richly replenished,” explains Good Cube founder Ashley Berrysmith.

“This report proves that our squished formulation not only lathers better but lasts longer. Using Good Cube saves our customers both time and money.”

Along with lasting more than 117 washes, every 120g Good Cube used saves eight plastic bottles from entering the environment.

Raise the bar. Ditch the plastic.

Get your full-sized Good Cube now.